Fyrlingen: Losing matches, playing against stars and hiding from stalkers

So, peeps! Has 2018 been treating you good so far? Charlotte and Eli started off by losing big time. Shock! Horror! Oh well, here goes:

The first major event in 2018, as in every year, was the Swedish tournament Fyrlingen. This is perhaps the funniest annual tournament we know of. It is really, really, REALLY well organized, thanks to the amazing couple Herman and Birgitta Thorell and their squad. Yeah, and the boulodrome is absolutely perfect.

Photo credit: PRO.SE
Each team consists of four players, maximum 64 (open) teams. Divided into two starts, the teams are draw into 16 pools. The four teams in each pool are guaranteed a minimum of two matches. One match equals one triplette and two doubles. If you win the first match (1 triplette and 1 double, or 2 doubles), you will meet the winning team of the other match. Now, if you win this one as well, you’re off to the A-finals on Sunday. If you lose, you will meet the winner of the looser-match. Two wins equals B-finals, one win equals C-finals, and if you’ve lost the two first matches… Well, sorry, but you have to play the D-finals.

And guess who ended up in D? Yeah. We did. Not that we really should be disappointed, but you know… loosing is never fun. First of all: We played with Camilla and Vilde, who play about once a year, and second of all: We were drawn into the worst pool ever, facing team Bauer/Bezandry (Who played with Marius and Max from Oslo), the team from Finland, and a really good Swedish team. 

Third of all: We started the best way there is, winning the triplette. – BUT we lost both the doubles, which was beyond disappointing. Needless to say, we lost the second one as well, that is: Lost the triplette and one double. We would have won the last one. Not that is counts, though. We’re simply just mentioning it. Ha-ha. Bu-huh.

Maybe the worst thing is because of this we didn’t get to play against Frederic Bauer and Thierry Bezandry. – Although ChaCha, that cheeky little charming one, managed to convince Thierry to play tete-a-tete against her :-D Of course, the video proof is published on YouTube:

Team Bezandry won the pool, by the way. They ended up in 3rd place, losing the semi against Joachim Andersson, Rickard Nilsson, Patrick Larson and Ali Abdi Aden from Sweden. They also won the grand finale, which actually lasted until midnight …!

- And guess who sat there, watching and learning? Yup, we did. Strangely enough, one stalker did as well. No matter where we sat, stood or went, he was there. Closer than close. We’ve had plenty of laughs checking photos from that day:

For us, the fun ended in the first round in the D-finals. The worst thing happened once more: We won the triplette, but lost both the doubles. OMG. 12-13 in the last one. Incredible.

All this said, we had great fun, despite all the loosing. Camilla and Vilde were SO nice to play with, and hanging around with petanque friends all weekend long was lovely. Just look at us, quite happy right?

Norway, Sweden, France, Madagascar, whoever, whenever … One big happy Petanque Family!

The next big thing is in one month, playing (once again) in Sweden. This time Charlotte, Eli AND Ida are playing together. We can’t wait, stay tuned!

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