NM | Norwegian Championships 2018

So. Short story is: 


The long story is: Well not so long, but whatever:

Mix Double

Charlotte and Bastien won! They won! 

And check this out: 
No. 2: Ranu and Erik 
No. 3: Toini and Hadi, Eli and Benny

Pretty amazing, we'd say!

 Singel Women

We're truly proud of this fine young lady, the Norwegian Champion of Ladies Singel. Really, really really well deserved! Not only a gold medal, but also a ticket to Italy, representing Norway in the European Championships in Single. Amazing!

The rest of us...? Well, let's move on...


Eli played with her son and Robert and ended in the semi. So close, and still so happy! :)

The rest of us? Well, like we said... Let's move on!

Double Women

Nice shot, eh? Charlotte and Eli, Toini and our dear China-supporter Berit played the final in the Ladies Double. And the result?

No. 1

No. 2

So... Yeah, what a Championship, huh! And just to remind you:

Our Charlotte

Queen of Norwegian Championships 2018

3 gold! 3 GOLD!

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