Simply the best ... Better than all the rest

Last weekend the Norwegian federation arranged qualification towards EuroCup 2018. Three of us played, representing two different clubs. The tournament lasted for two days and 6 clubs participated.

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The lovely Miss Hoel was amongst the six players representing Bergen, but they came short: Only seven victories out of 25. - However, we're happy to announce  she won the unofficial prize "Photo of the day" (You all should have seen the photo of Charlotte...) and "Best style". Just look at her, come on, got to love this young lady:

With all that said, as petanque athletes we all know what really matters.


Groruddalen Petanque Klubb won 25 matches out of 25! We won every phuquin' match, both in double and in triplette, against all the other clubs!

From left to right: Bastien (Charlottes man), Benny (Elis man), Charlotte, Gabriel (Elis son), Ole, Rune, Eli, Lars and Youssef. 
No matter Charlotte and Eli are pretty ecstatic at the moment: Summer Vacation 2018, hurry up! Hopefully we will both be in the club team, and if not: We can always travel as cheer leaders. 

Nevertheless, if she makes it through the selection, this will be the first EuroCup for Charlotte. Eli has played twice, first time in 2014 (Taggia, Italy) and second time in 2016 (Esch, Luxembourg). She knows very well travelling aboard with other club members, participating in the EuroCup, is an amazing experience no one will ever forget. 

The draw is in April, and the EuroCup will be organized in four groups, arranged i July by the clubs reaching the semifinals in this years EuroCup (Finals in December). Maybe we'll go to Dragunian, France...? Come what may!

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