Achivements in August & September

Proudly and humbly (not-so-much) presenting some of the highlights so far this autumn ... 


I guess, we're on a roll!

September 2: First place in Monolitten (Read more...)

Ranu and Eli with Benny

September 2: Second place in Monolitten

Charlotte with Jean and Bastien

Best shot ;-)


Ready for EuroCup 2018 Finals

Groruddalen Petanque Klubb
Eli and Charlotte

August 25: First place in Follos Høstslag (Read more...)

Eli with Benny

August 25: Third place in Follos Høstslag

Ranu and Charlotte

August 18/19: Third place in Økern 2-dagers (Read more...)

Ranu, Charlotte and Eli

First price: Straightest arm


First price: Best Ranu In The World

August 11: First place in Hvitsteingrisen (Read more...)

Eli, Ranu and Charlotte

August 4/5: EuroCup 2019  (Read more...)

Norwegian Qualification, winners
Groruddalen Petanque Klubb
Charlotte and Eli

Fasit 2018 | 2 kvartfinaler og 1 finale i Nasjonscup

Norge kom til kvartfinale i Presisjonsskyting. Norge kom til finalen i Coup de Nations. Vi spilte noen fantastiske kamper, turte å spil...