Nordic Petanque Weekend

The Norwegian Petanquesquad (9 players) had a blast this weekend, playing in the Swedish town Skövde. Three tournaments in three days, enjoying the incredibly food festival in the evenings.

Together with the amazing Ranu Hominam, Charlotte and Eli played International Triplette on Saturday. In the first match we won quite easily against the Swedish ladies, who later that day won the C-finals. In match no. 2 we won even easier against the team who won the B-finals. Two wins equals A, and we were superhappy.

Well, it didn't end there! We simply continued winning, haha!

This Vlog made by Charlotte pretty much sums up the whole happening:

Going all the way to the A-semifinals was like a victory for us. The Norwegian Ladies team as no. 3 in an international tournament... ? Superfun!

Actually, the Norwegians did great in the other tournaments as well:

Third place also in the A-Singel (Friday) : Eli's son Gabriel, 16 years old, beat a former silver medalist in the world's in the quarter final, and lost only 12-13 against Remy on the Monaco's national team in the semi. Mom (who didn't play that tournament) is very proud! Not to forget: Charlotte won the B-finals!

Aaaaaaaaaaaand third place in the A-Double (Sunday) : Benny (Eli's man) and Youssef beat Monaco in the quarter. Unfortunately they didn't get more than 11 points in the semi, against Wille and Tobbe. Charlotte and Eli made it to the A, but lost the following match against Rickard and Joachim. From 8-8 and maximum two more rounds to 8-12 and then 8-13. Oh well, at least we fought well for a long time!

On behalf of the Norwegian participants: A big THANK YOU to the organizers Mathias Thorell and his wife Kaisa! The Thorell-brothers and their families spend a whole lot of time, energy and money arranging tournaments and other petanquehappenings all year long. They never stop to impress us. TUSEN TAKK, NI ÄR GRYMMA!

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